Recording: Megacasting unveiled – Revolution in body-in-white manufacturing

Megacasting is currently the most disruptive trend in body-in-white manufacturing, and more and more OEMs across the world decide to invest in large die-casting cells with locking forces of 60,000 kN and beyond to produce the rear and front underbody in one single aluminum shot. With the introduction of megacasting in the production of car manufacturers, complexity can be drastically reduced with 70 to 100 steel stamping parts being replaced by one single die-casting part.

Megacasting also offers a better product carbon footprint compared to conventional body designs made of steel – assuming the use of primary aluminum with low Co2e emissions and the use of renewable energy in the melting and casting process.

The Bühler Carat die-casting solution offers locking forces of up to 92,000 kN. With the unique two-platen technology, the highest part quality can be achieved, meeting the requirements of the automotive industry. With the SmartCMS automation solution, all processes within the die casting cell can be controlled with one central control panel. Together with partners, Bühler can cover the entire value chain from ingot to body shop.

Do you want to dive deeper into megacasting and learn more about its impact on the automotive industry? Then register now for our webinar and gain insights into sustainable production with megacasting. Take the chance to listen to top-class presentations by renowned speakers from the automotive industry and ask your questions on this highly relevant topic.
  • Introduction into the megacasting topic
  • Aluminum for the future of mobility
  • Megacasting as solution for automotive manufacturers
  • Sustainable production with megacasting solutions
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